Sub-Assembly Services

Lenoch Engineering provides time-efficient and cost-effective sub assembly of componentry, getting your componentry one step closer to its final installation.

Our comprehensive engineering service serves clients from the design of refurbished or modified parts to final finishing and installation. Supplying a complete manufacturing operation under one roof means the high standards associated with Lenoch Engineering continue throughout post-production services, delivering a premium product assembled prior to delivery.

As an established business, with decades of experience behind us, the refinement of our sub-assembly services to minimise costs and production time ensures high levels of customer satisfaction when investing in optimised critical componentry. It is this dedication to meeting our customers’ needs through an honest and flexible service which enables us to cater to projects of all sizes.

The comprehensive engineering service offered by Lenoch Engineering means we deliver all types of refurbished and modified componentry throughout the nation. We offer timely delivery of componentry (typically within 24 hours in the UK) to ensure that our services are part of a time-efficient operation to optimise our clients’ machinery and processes.

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    Lenoch Engineering can work with all size components and a range of material types, for all types of industries, when providing our precision engineering and assembly services.


    What is sub assembly in manufacturing?

    Sub-assembly refers to a collection of individual parts or components that are brought together to form a larger assembly. This assembly can then be used as the final product, or it may go on to become part of another sub-assembly or a larger entity.

    What is the difference between assembly and sub assembly?

    Assembly refers to the joining together of an end product, whilst sub-assembly refers to the joining together of substructures which can be further joined together for assembly of a final product.

    What is the purpose of sub-assembly?

    The purpose of sub-assembly is to make the manufacturing process more efficient. By breaking larger products down into smaller components, manufacturers are able to produce more units in a shorter amount of time. This can help increase productivity and save money on labour costs, since workers aren’t required to spend as much time producing each individual product.