Sheet Metal Working

Lenoch Engineering works with sheet metal for the refurbishment and repair of high quality critical componentry, restoring the integrity of parts in a time-considerate manner.

Our manufacturing capabilities are supported by our investments into the latest CAD technology and manual and CNC machinery, ensuring our experienced engineers can determine the most suitable approach for an efficient and effective repair.

Lenoch Engineering’s manufacturing processes are determined by client requirements, meaning our totally tailored operations can be relied upon for challenges both large and small.

It is this continual supporting presence amongst our clients that has generated the reliable reputation of Lenoch Engineering over our decades of establishment.

Lenoch Engineering works with all types of sheet metal materials, providing a comprehensive manufacturing process from concept drawings to installation.

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    We take on all size projects, providing swift and reliable solutions for worn and damaged critical componentry across the nation, with experience working with global clients. Backed up by speedy UK delivery (typically within 24 hours), parts can be safely delivered within agreed timescales.


    What is sheet metal working?

    Sheet metal working refers to the fabrication of metal products, which are created from sheet metal. Sheet metal is typically a rectangular sheet of metal, which can be of varying length or width, with a thickness that is below that of these dimensions.

    Sheet metal can be worked through a multitude of techniques, including joining, cutting, drawing and forming.

    What is the process of sheet metal working?

    The process of sheet metal working will be led by the requirements of the product. The process typically follows the following format:


    • Designing
    • Cutting and forming
    • Welding or joining 
    • Assembly
    • Finishing operations

    What are the advantages of using sheet metal?

    Manufacturing products from sheet metal is a flexible operation. Sheet metal encompasses all metallic materials - from stainless steel to copper - meaning material can be selected depending on the requirements of a project, budget, and availability of the material. 

    Sheet metal is compatible with a wide range of surface finishes, meaning both a specific aesthetic and function can be achieved.