Reverse Engineering Services

Whilst working to restore obsolete or damaged parts, our reverse engineering services form an integral operation in Lenoch Engineering’s engineering processes.

We recognise the value of used critical componentry, and the struggle many businesses have in replacing these worn components. With Lenoch Engineering’s reverse engineering capabilities, we are able to replicate and even optimise British manufactured parts using samples.

Determining the base material composition from samples, our expert reverse engineering team, and dedicated facilities, utilise CAD and CMM systems to detail products, which we then manufacture from, following approval from clients.

At Lenoch Engineering, we prioritise customer satisfaction through a transparent and honest service, ensuring our clients are supported and correctly advised throughout our processes.

To accurately perform reverse engineering, Lenoch Engineering uses a state-of-the-art Faro Arm, capable of measuring products up to 3m in diameter. Our specialist inspection department is well versed in handling a range of products, and works with all size components across a multitude of industries.

Our ability to offer the latest technology to aid inspection and rebuild or replication of critical componentry ensures Lenoch Engineering has maintained our position as a leading industry name throughout our decades of operation.

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    We offer speed of response and quotation, accompanied by timely delivery of products (typically within 24 hours within the UK), ensuring an efficient turn around for parts.

    These services are offered globally, with Lenoch Engineering working alongside some of the world’s leading brands.


    Reverse engineering is the process of taking apart a product or component in order to deduce how it was originally engineered, to gain information about the object or to replicate it. This is commonly used for products which are no longer produced in order to recreate them.