Precision CNC Machining

Lenoch Engineering’s comprehensive precision CNC machining service is guided by the pride we take in our work, using quality materials and exercising our skill to ensure we create precision products that have been built for optimum performance.

Our ability to provide CNC machining ensures unique customer demands are met in a timely manner, delivering a flexible service which can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual projects.

Throughout these precision CNC machining processes, we ensure our customers are informed of our progress, and guided through any potential obstacles, so as to provide a completely transparent and trustworthy service that can be relied upon time and time again.

Lenoch Engineering provides various CNC engineering services, on a range of CNC and manual 3 and 4 axis machines, carefully selecting the best course of action for individual parts to ensure a time-efficient machining process.

Our rapid response to initial enquiries, paired with quick delivery (typically within 24 hours), ensures time-efficiency is at the forefront of our services, without deducting from quality.

Our comprehensive machining services include numerous types of CNC techniques, such as:

  • CNC Milling: this involves using rotating cylindrical cutters and precision CNC milling machines to remove excess material from a workpiece and reshape it.
  • CNC Turning: this can involve rotating the workpiece next to a cutting tool (often called a "CNC Lathe",) as it moves along a horizontal or vertical axis, to produce complex parts with cylindrical or conical shapes.
  • CNC Grinding: this involves using a high-speed abrasive wheel to remove material from a workpiece.
  • CNC Drilling: this involves utilising a rotating cutting tool to produce round holes in a stationary workpiece with a high degree of accuracy (typically to accommodate screws or bolts for assembly).

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    Engineering machining can be achieved across a variety of manufacturing processes, and on all types of materials, including a wide range of metals and exotic metals, plastics, and ceramics.

    Lenoch Engineering’s high precision engineering services are offered on a global scale. With experience catering to global clients, we know how to deliver high volume production in demanding environments.


    CNC machining, or computer numerical control machining, is a process used to create a wide variety of products from a range of materials. This highly precise and versatile manufacturing technique uses sophisticated computer programs to control tooling, shaping raw materials into products through techniques such as milling, turning, grinding and drilling. You can now read our extensive article on the different types of CNC machining.