As part of our repair and refurbishment services, Lenoch Engineering offers metal plating. Our metal plating services make sure components are fit to not only withstand the requirements of their application, but to excel within them.

Known worldwide for producing high-quality and reliable parts and componentry for a multitude of industries, Lenoch Engineering’s high standards are maintained throughout manufacturing and finishing operations. Plating is no exception to this.

Designed to improve the durability, functionality, and appearance of parts and components, plating offers an effective solution to preparing parts within industrial applications. Our engineers work closely with clients to determine the right course for their critical componentry, ensuring we can offer a varied service to provide the best manufacturing process for each project.

Lenoch Engineering supplies a comprehensive manufacturing service which is complemented by our range of finishing operations, including metal plating. Our plating services are available for the protection of all types of conductive materials, working within original or agreed dimensions.

We offer speed of service, and UK delivery typically within 24 hours, to ensure parts are delivered safely and efficiently.

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    These repair and refurbishment services are provided nationwide, and always to within our award-winning standards.


    Metal plating is a finishing process which refers to the deposition of metal onto a conductive surface, with electroplating being a leading method of achieving this.
    Metal plating increases surface thickness, improves corrosion and wear resistance, and reduces friction, amongst other things.