Inconel Rebuild

Lenoch Engineering provides Inconel rebuild when restoring the integrity of worn or damaged critical componentry or modifying parts for increased durability.

Rebuilding with Inconel ensures parts are better protected against wear, preparing them for greater efficiency within extreme environments. Working alongside some of the world’s biggest brands, and ministering to the requirements of high-pressure environments and applications, Lenoch Engineering have continued to deliver products which excel.

Whilst rebuilding critical componentry, Lenoch Engineering provides speed of service, without compromising on quality; over our decades of establishment, we have refined our offerings to be able to minister to the time-sensitive nature of restoring or modifying critical componentry and reducing machinery downtime.

Inconel rebuild can be performed as part of our larger manufacturing services to restore and modify critical components, working towards greater efficiency for a number of industries.

Lenoch Engineering works to industry standards whilst performing Inconel rebuild, ensuring our parts are reliable and trustworthy.

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    Inconel is an alloy of austenitic nickel and chromium; there are various Inconel alloys, all with nickel and chromium as the primary and secondary element. Inconel is considered a superalloy - meaning it is able to operate at a fraction of its melting point.