Heavy Machining Services

The heavy machining capabilities of Lenoch Engineering ensure we can take on large componentry for high-quality repair and refurbishment operations, whilst continuing to maintain our high standards and emphasis on time efficiency.

Enabled by decades of experience and establishment within our industry, Lenoch Engineering has the expertise and facilities to work with large machinery components in a range of materials. Our manual machinery ensures individual parts up to 6 tonnes can be manufactured in the most time efficient way, whilst adhering to the unique requirements of each project and component.

We aim for complete customer satisfaction through a transparent and advisory service, which guides clients throughout.

Our large diameter machining operations seek to repair or refurbish optimised componentry, from initial consultations, to delivery of components. We use reverse engineering, aided by a state-of-the-art Faro Arm for parts up to 3 metres in diameter, to examine and rebuild parts for optimal performance within their application.

Heavy machining operations are further enabled by our extensive workshop cranage and transportation, which is capable of transporting loads up to 10 tonnes.

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    Lenoch Engineering further provides UK delivery, typically within 24 hours, to ensure parts are delivered within agreed timescales


    Large machining, also known as large diameter machining or heavy machining, refers to the machining and handling of especially large or heavy components. 
    This specialist type of engineering requires large equipment and machinery capable of milling, grinding, and turning these components