Hardfacing Services

Lenoch Engineering provides high quality hardfacing services and operations to restore the integrity of worn parts, or to manufacture new, fully optimised componentry.

We are experts in increasing the wear-resistance of components, finding the most appropriate method of doing so to elevate the durability and efficiency of components in even the most high pressure environments.

Our experienced engineers work closely with clients to achieve this, determining and meeting project requirements for the complete refurbishment or production of critical componentry. Our ability to do this at a high standard, in conjunction with fast response times, has enabled the reliable reputation of Lenoch Engineering across the globe.

Lenoch Engineering works with all types of materials for our engineering operations, for all size projects.

We can perform our manufacturing operations nationwide, with experience working with clients around the world.

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    UK delivery is typically within 24 hours for critical components, enabled by our transportation vehicles for safe and time-considerate delivery.


    The purpose of hard facing is to increase the wear resistance of a part by coating the surface of the component in a hard material through welding or joining. A worn part often fails since it changes in dimension - hard facing to rebuild or protect the part helps prevent this wear.