CAD Design Services

From the initial stages of any project, the professional engineers at Lenoch Engineering collaborate closely with clients to develop custom engineering solutions for repairing or upgrading worn and damaged machinery parts. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients' needs, ensuring every solution is tailored and optimised.

Our expert guidance spans the entire project lifecycle, starting from concept development through to sophisticated Computer-Aided Design (CAD), employing cutting-edge technology to bring to life both expansive and intricate designs.

Driven by innovation and creativity, our seasoned team excels in creating advanced 3D and 4D CAD models, enabling our clients to visualise their optimised and cost-effective engineering solutions before moving to the manufacturing phase. This process not only enhances design efficiency but also ensures the final product meets every expectation in terms of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

We are committed to providing transparent and comprehensive engineering services, offering expert advice and maintaining open communication throughout. Our goal is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction by delivering a proactive and refined service, ensuring every aspect of our engineering process is aligned with our clients' vision and requirements

Our CAD design services specialise in delivering customised Computer-Aided Design solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, our concept drawings and 3D models are meticulously crafted, often in conjunction with high-precision reverse engineering techniques. This ensures that our finished products align perfectly with our customers’ detailed specifications and functional requirements.

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of a Faro Arm scanner, our team is adept at inspecting and reverse-engineering complex parts up to 3 metres in diameter. This precision instrument enhances our CAD drafting and modelling services, allowing for an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy in the engineering design process.

At Lenoch Engineering, we pride ourselves on offering an all-encompassing engineering and design service. From the initial design consultation through to the final touches of finishing, assembly, and installation, we handle every aspect of the project with professionalism and expertise. Our commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by our prompt UK-wide delivery service, ensuring that completed parts are delivered to our clients typically within 24 hours.

Our expert engineering team is equipped to serve a diverse range of industries, from automotive to aerospace, providing bespoke engineering solutions that embody quality, efficiency, and innovation. Whether it's a single component or a complex assembly, Lenoch Engineering is your trusted partner for end-to-end CAD design and engineering services in the UK.

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    Lenoch Engineering is an award winning, tier one company with decades of experience in the industry, realising clients’ visions throughout the nation for optimised parts and processes through our design and development operations.


    CAD is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Design - using computer software to design products prior to their manufacturing.