CAD Design Services

From the commencement of a project, the engineers at Lenoch Engineering work alongside clients to produce tailored solutions to worn and damaged machinery parts.

Our support and guidance throughout this process often begins with concept development and CAD, using the latest technology to actualise concepts both large and small.

Innovation and creativity guide our experienced team as they create 3D and 4D CAD models from which our customers can visualise their optimised and cost-effective products, before we manufacture, finish, and install componentry.

We offer advice and transparency throughout this comprehensive engineering process, ensuring customer satisfaction is our priority through a proactive and polished service.

Our CAD design services and concept drawings utilise the latest technology, and are often produced in conjunction with reverse engineered parts to ensure our finished products are created in line with customers’ specific requirements.

We offer reverse engineering facilitated by a Faro Arm, capable of inspecting parts up to 3 metres in diameter, and an extensive inspection facility, to aid the CAD process.

At Lenoch Engineering, we provide a comprehensive engineering service, from design consultation, to final finishing, assembly and installation of parts, with UK delivery typically within 24 hours moreover available.

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    Lenoch Engineering is an award winning, tier one company with decades of experience in the industry, realising clients’ visions throughout the nation for optimised parts and processes through our design and development operations.


    CAD is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Design - using computer software to design products prior to their manufacturing.