Precision Engineering Company UK

We break down to build up.

At Lenoch Engineering, we take worn, obsolete, and damaged parts, and break them down to produce CAD drawings, used to rebuild parts and restore integrity with our precision engineering.

Our skilful and innovative engineers can turn their hand to all size parts, from small products to heavy machinery, utilising the latest technology and inspection facilities to reverse engineer and rebuild to perfection.

From the most technically demanding requests, to simply-sourced solutions, Lenoch Engineering provides our precision engineering services for all levels. This is proven in our diverse portfolio, resolving all types of challenges and fulfilling a variety of specifications for cost-efficient and fully optimised products. 

Our flexibility stems from decades of experience and establishment, remaining stable whilst simultaneously growing and evolving to meet new industry demands.

    Lenoch Engineering offers a comprehensive engineering service to fulfil design and technical requirements

    We undertake in-house:

    • Reverse engineering, undertaken on a Faro Arm capable of inspecting 3 metre diameters
    • 3D and 4D CAD models
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Expansive machining operations
    • Welding and sub-assembly
    • Inconel rebuild
    • Heat treatments and finishing

    Achieved on a combination of both CNC and manual machinery, for the most time-considerate process. Our heavy machinery can handle 5-6 tonnes of material. 

    Lenoch Engineering provides fast response and quotation for enquiries regarding our engineering services, and quick delivery, to ensure we realise high levels of customer satisfaction both in the quality of finished parts, and our customer-oriented service.

    Our engineering services can be undertaken on all types of metals, including exotics, as well as plastic and ceramic materials, and can be provided on a global scale.