Robotic Handling Systems

Lenoch Engineering can supply and provide system integration of robotic handling systems, extending the capabilities of your business through bespoke material handling automation technology.

Our experience designing, creating, and integrating fully commissioned automation into industrial environments has enabled us to refine our work processes, offering a knowledgeable and professional advisory service for complete customer satisfaction.

Our engineers guide customers through processes, to ensure the greatest results for productivity, efficiency, and profitability of their robotics.

Lenoch Engineering are trusted globally for our award-winning service, supplying to established brands all over the world. It is our reliability and flexibility when catering to the unique needs of each customer that has facilitated our outstanding reputation.

Lenoch Engineering’s dedicated automation division works to seamlessly integrate robotics into existing systems, for projects of all sizes, across all industries. We can supply or simply integrate robotics into systems, as well as attending to the ongoing care of technology to ensure it remains working efficiently.

Our comprehensive robotics service is offered on a nationwide scale.

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    Material handling robots are robots used within industrial environments for the moving, picking and placing, assembly, and other handling tasks of materials and goods. Robots offer speed, precision, and reliability, whilst making the workplace safer for people and taking on arduous tasks.