Pneumatic Assistors & Manipulators

Lenoch Engineering are proud to be the UK’s sole supplier of ATIS pneumatic industrial manipulators - making great technology even more accessible.

Specialising in innovative, custom-made industrial manipulators, the high quality of ATIS equipment translates to a durable and fully commissioned product, designed to maximise the profitability of your operations, as managed by Lenoch Engineering.

Lenoch Engineering’s partnership with ATIS enables us to supply and install state-of-the-art manipulators within all types of industrial environments, working alongside clients to ensure all their expectations are met. Our ongoing customer support throughout these processes, combined with decades of experience in the industry, results in complete customer satisfaction, every time.

We provide nationwide services for the supply and installation of ATIS pneumatic manipulators, providing a comprehensive service to ensure custom automation equipment meets every project requirement.

Lenoch Engineering further provides delivery, for the safe and swift delivery of equipment.

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    A pneumatic manipulator is a device which allows for automatic material handling in industrial applications - such as gripping, lifting, tilting, and rotating - without direct contact from an operator. This is achieved through a pneumatic system, which utilises pressurised air or gas to power its movement.