Industrial Turntables

With an extended capability to produce custom automation solutions for all types of industrial applications, Lenoch Engineering provides industrial turntable design and manufacture for a variety of applications.

The team at Lenoch Engineering work to optimise our customers’ profitability through carefully calculated and executed automation solutions that withstand the test of time. Paired with our high-quality manufacturing and seamless integration services, Lenoch Engineering can be relied upon to deliver a premium service from start to finish.

Our industrial turntables are designed to maximise productivity, as well as to promote safety within the work environment. By automating your existing processes with Lenoch Engineering, you can achieve even greater potential.

We offer an extensive design and manufacturing service, complete with the latest software and technology including CAD and CNC machinery, working alongside our clients throughout to ensure expectations are met. All products undergo rigorous testing prior to despatch to confirm they meet regulations and are fit for their application.

Lenoch Engineering offers delivery of our automation products alongside this, with our dedicated team providing installation of turntables.

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    Industrial turntables are workstations which rotate, so that the work on the table is facing towards the worker, rather than repositioning the worker around the table; workers will be able to access all sides of the table safely. This saves critical time and boosts productivity, whilst also making the working environment safer and more controlled - especially when rotating heavy loads.