Factory Tooling

At Lenoch Engineering, we believe your automated machinery deserves the best serving tooling. Not only does high performing tooling facilitate the production of quality goods, but it can reduce downtime and increase the time experienced between downtimes.

Lenoch Engineering offers retooling and the complete manufacturing of bespoke, optimised tooling to supplement automated machinery and the efficiency of your operations.

Our flexible services are designed to ensure we can fulfil all design briefs, providing cost-effective solutions for projects of all sizes. The experienced team at Lenoch Engineering work closely alongside clients to be able to achieve this, guiding clients through our fully managed service.

Lenoch Engineering’s reverse engineering capabilities enable us to rebuild worn or damaged tools in line with existing machinery specifications; we use the latest CMM technology, including a Faro Arm, to produce detailed CAD models prior to manufacturing. We further offer a complete design and manufacturing service to create new tooling, alongside new build turnkey solutions.

This nationwide service can be performed with all types of materials for retooling services, with delivery and installation services moreover performed as required.

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    Tooling refers to the components used within machinery that are needed to produce a product. Tooling can take on many forms, designed to perform cutting, forming, grinding, turning, and many other operations.