Factory Removal

Lenoch Engineering offers complete specialist factory removal for the transportation of industrial machinery.

When the integrity of machinery is critical, Lenoch Engineering can provide a strategic approach, an expert hand, and reliable machinery to relocate industrial machinery and systems.

With extensive transportation methods, our relocation and removal services ensure delicate and mission-critical machinery is preserved in a way which allows for the straightforward installation or set up of systems following transportation.

Lenoch Engineering’s services go beyond that of a conventional factory removal, with our engineers being trusted to relocate whole specialised factory set ups with the greatest care.

Lenoch Engineering is equipped with 44 tonnes of transportation, available to perform factory relocation across the nation. We moreover possess extensive workshop transportation, including cranage and forklifts, for up to 10 tonnes.

With decades of experience, our engineers preserve the integrity of machinery, equipment, and systems, and are able to remove, transport, and re-install industrial machinery.


What is meant by the relocation of a factory?

Relocation of a factory refers to a factory, and all its inventory, machinery and equipment, moving premises or moving to a new area.

What is the purpose of factory relocation?

Generally, there are several purposes of factory relocation, one of which includes new machinery layout. A factory may benefit from relocating to a new premises which has enough space for all machinery, or may benefit from a more efficient layout within an existing premises. 

Another purpose of factory relocation is the geographical relocation of factories. A factory may be relocated to somewhere with better transport links (e.g., by motorways). 

Relocation of factory machinery may also be required when a factory is no longer operating, but the equipment is in good enough condition to be sold and reused.