Conveyor Parts Supplier

Looking to reduce your equipment downtime? Lenoch Engineering’s premium manufacturing capabilities allow us to supply conveyor spares, as and when you need them, to keep your automated systems running to the best of their ability.

Our high quality and reliable parts are made with the requirements of unique equipment designs in mind, ensuring they can be effortlessly integrated into existing conveyors, from bespoke structures to standardised ranges.

With a reliable supply of spare parts, businesses can benefit from increased productivity and efficiency of materials handling equipment, and are better protected against extended downtimes. Trusted by leading brands around the world, Lenoch Engineering’s award-winning service can achieve this increased profit potential for you.

Lenoch Engineering works with a range of materials for the provision of conveyor spares, meaning we can create spares for even bespoke units, supported by our investments into both CNC and manual machinery.

Alongside our manufacturing capabilities, we offer nationwide delivery and installation of products, providing a comprehensive service which meets clients’ requirements at all stages.

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    Conveyor spares encompass a range of parts and components which can replace worn or damaged parts on roller, belt, and chain conveyors, enabling the conveyor system to function as normal and minimise downtime.