Conveyor Design

At Lenoch Engineering, we design for the protection of your future.

This includes the design of automation technology, such as our range of premium conveyors, to facilitate an increase in the productivity, reliability, and ultimately, profitability of your business.

With decades of experience leading the industry, Lenoch Engineering is established in automation design, including the design of bespoke conveyors for an extended life in all types of industrial applications.

Our transparent customer relations mean we work closely alongside clients whilst designing premium new build turnkey conveyors, tailoring systems to the unique requirements of a project for maximum effect.

Lenoch Engineering is an award-winning, tier one company, with extensive design capabilities. We utilise the latest technology and software including CAD, producing 3D and 4D models of products which can be easily understood by clients.

Our engineers design with the aid of point clouds, so as to facilitate an easy integration of products into existing systems and environments.

We further manufacture, deliver, and install conveyors – providing a nationwide comprehensive service renowned for its quality and reliability.

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    What is conveyor system design?

    Conveyor system design incorporates the complete design of a conveyor. This includes technical specifications, such as the type of conveyor system; load capacity; system speed; frame configuration; drive location; as well as the overall look and dimensions of the conveyor. 

    These variables ensure a conveyor is fit for the products it will carry and the environment it is installed within.

    What are the considerations for conveyor design?

    When designing a durable and cost-effective conveyor, there are several considerations to note alongside the design specifications, including: the long term duration of the system, and ensuring it can withstand the requirements of its application; compatibility with automation or system updates, to make sure it can be used for years to come; and workplace health and safety so that the system is safe for to use.