System Integration

As trusted automation system integrators, Lenoch Engineering can provide straightforward integration of automation hardware into existing machinery to automate your processes, hassle-free.

We understand the time consuming and complex nature of introducing automation into existing operations. Therefore, our expert team is on hand to provide system integration which you can rely upon.

Facilitated by decades of experience and establishment within the industry, Lenoch Engineering are solution providers. We work with clients from the start of projects to identify and satisfy needs, determining the right automation technology for individual projects, before seamlessly integrating these into existing machinery, for the better protection of your future.

Lenoch Engineering provides site surveys and measurements when supplying our automation technology, to ensure we can install suitable equipment. This is enabled by our state-of-the-art CMMs and point clouds.

We can further provide integration services with the same diligence and attentiveness, to ensure businesses are set up in the best way with their new automation systems.

Our complete integration services can be provided nationwide.

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    System integration refers to the process of integrating new or existing sub systems into one system, this may also include the designing and building of an application, so that it functions as one. 

    In terms of automation, this refers to the integration of automation hardware and software into systems to automate machinery.