3D Scanning

Lenoch Engineering’s investments in the latest 3D scanning technology allow us to work around the potential obstacles in our way.

3D scanning not only guides the parameters of the automation technology we create, but allows us to do so in a way which is considerate of the environment it is situated within. This allows for greater accuracy when designing and manufacturing full turnkey products, alongside enabling a seamless installation process.

At Lenoch Engineering, potential environmental obstacles are no challenge. Creating point cloud data based upon 3D scans, our design concepts are totally accessible for our clients, facilitating a transparent service.

This flexibility, enabled by our reliable technology and software, allows Lenoch Engineering to produce high-quality, bespoke automation solutions tailored to our client’s requirements.

We utilise CMMs, including a state-of-the-art Faro Arm, alongside 3D scanning technology, to produce accurate and detailed point clouds of machinery and environments.

We offer site surveys in order to achieve this, with our experienced engineers offering onsite reactions for all-size projects.

Lenoch Engineering can then provide a complete design and manufacturing operation of fully commissioned projects, followed by the delivery and installation of automation equipment. This service is offered nationwide.

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    Our 3D laser scanning services can create a digital 3D model that replicates the real version of the object or environment it is scanning; this is used for a better understanding of environments. Some of the industries that 3D scanning can be used for are manufacturing, medicine, architecture, and engineering.