As an industrial consumables supplier, Lenoch Engineering carries a varied stock of consumables to serve all industries with a consistent supply of critical components.

Our establishment within the industry, solidified by the relationships formed with industry suppliers, ensures peace of mind to clients as to the consistency of our supply. This is especially critical for consumable components, which are essential to the functioning of operations and require regular replacement.

Engineering Consumables Supplier

Lenoch Engineering can supply components quickly for unexpected breakdowns, working to provide our clients with the correct replacement component. Alongside the emergency procurement of parts, our team can work alongside clients to help with on-site inventory management, so that replacements can be planned out in advance, for the better efficiency of operations.

With a consumable spare to hand, you can reduce downtime and increase the productivity potential of your operations - providing long-term cost-effectiveness and a streamlined operation through shortened unexpected downtimes.

Our knowledge, sourced from decades of experience working alongside a multitude of industries for the provision of critical componentry, has enabled us to refine our services to meet the unique requirements of industry sectors, from automotive to power generation.

Lenoch Engineering’s knowledgeable sales team guides clients through this process with a transparent and open service, best serving clients with the most appropriate solution for their operations.

Lenoch Engineering provides timely nationwide delivery for our consumable supply.

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