Industrial Supply

Looking for an off-the-shelf solution?

Alongside our bespoke engineering capabilities, Lenoch Engineering is also an industrial supplier, providing the supply of standardised industrial products required for maintenance, repair, and operation purposes.

Oftentimes, a custom solution is not always the most practical or desired answer. For those requiring an off-the-shelf solution to streamlined production, Lenoch Engineering can offer a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality, competitively priced mission-critical spares.

Our quality spares seek to reduce the downtime your machinery faces, whilst increasing the efficiency and profitability of production, for a cost-effective and established solution.

    Lenoch Engineering’s varied industrial supply provides inventory of the following:

    • Consumables
    • Tooling
    • Components
    • PPE

    Years of experience within the industry has enabled Lenoch Engineering to work with some of the world’s leading component manufacturers, allowing us access to hundreds of thousands of industrial products across hundreds of global suppliers, ready for distribution.

    Specialising in increasing the efficiency and profitability of businesses through both emergency reactions and calculated long-term responses, Lenoch Engineering combines these offerings with inventory management. Our inventory management services ensure our customers are supplied with the correct inventory, as and when it is needed, to streamline processes for greater overall efficiency.

    Our knowledge and expertise whilst supplying components to a range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, construction, general engineering industries and many more, has granted Lenoch Engineering the ability to offer a varied advisory service to suit all. Headed by our knowledgeable sales teams, Lenoch Engineering can guide customers through the best solutions for their unique requirements.