Emergency Machining

Our speed of response and quality of service when responding to emergency breakdowns means Lenoch Engineering is best positioned to resolve machinery downtime with our emergency machining operations.

We provide full turnkey solutions, machining new large and small bespoke components to excel within their application and ensure our clients’ processes can return to normal with minimal interruption.

24 Hour Engineering
Breakdown Services

Whether an emergency shutdown, or a scheduled refurbishment, Lenoch Engineering works alongside clients to meet all unique specifications with reliable and cost-effective solutions. For this reason, we are an award-winning British company, trusted by brands across the globe.

Our experience, establishment and therefore flexibility as a company enables Lenoch Engineering to cater completely to individual project specifications, meeting all client expectations with high-quality components.

Lenoch Engineering’s comprehensive machining operations ensures we can build components from scratch whilst aiming to reduce downtime. We provide site surveys to determine the requirements and dimensions for componentry, before undertaking a full manufacturing service.

For the machining of new parts, Lenoch Engineering works with all types of metal, making certain we can produce a viable part which fulfils all the needs of its application.

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    All our emergency work is undertaken with speed of response in mind; we offer a 24/7 response for emergency situations, delivering a high-quality and fully optimised component in a time-considerate manner. As part of this, we offer UK delivery typically within 24 hours.


    • Equipment breakdown: In industrial settings, equipment can unexpectedly break down, leading to production stoppages. Emergency machining works to reduce your downtime in these circumstances.
    • Component failure: Critical components within machinery or mechanical systems can fail due to wear and tear, material fatigue, or unforeseen circumstances. Emergency machining is needed to manufacture or repair these failed components to ensure the smooth functioning of the system.
    • Accidents or collisions: Accidental collisions or impacts can cause severe damage to machine parts or equipment. Emergency machining is required to assess the damage, provide immediate repairs, or fabricate new parts to quickly restore functionality to your operations.
    • Tooling failure: Tooling failures in manufacturing processes can lead to defective or damaged products. Emergency machining services can help diagnose the issue, repair or replace the faulty tooling, and prevent further production delays or quality issues.
    • Unavailability of spare parts: Spare parts may not be readily available in stock or may have long lead times for delivery. In such cases, emergency machining can be employed to manufacture or modify existing parts to meet immediate requirements and minimise downtime.

    In all these scenarios, emergency machining services provide immediate solutions, minimise downtime, and ensure the continuity of your operations.