Emergency Fabrication

Available 24/7, Lenoch Engineering’s emergency fabrication services can be relied upon to reduce factory downtime, and restore the original integrity of machinery both large and small.

Our time-effective fabrication services restore existing worn or damaged componentry to their original dimensions, ensuring they can be re-installed seamlessly into machinery with a reliable and lasting repair.

24 Hour Emergency Fabrication

Lenoch Engineering works closely with clients throughout this time. Our experienced engineers offer complete support and guidance for clients through a transparent and reliable service, which not only addresses the current needs of customers, but reduces the chances of breakdown in the future.

Trusted by established brands around the world, Lenoch Engineering’s repairs provide reliable solutions time and time again across commercial and industrial industries.

Lenoch Engineering’s expert engineers can perform emergency fabrication in-situ with the assistance of our mobile fabrication unit, or at our site in Rugby. No matter where the repair takes place, however, we place efficiency at the forefront of our operations and will advise clients on the best and most time-efficient process for them. We can deliver components within 24 hours in the UK as part of this.

We work with all types of materials for our fabrication operations, stocking a range of materials in-house so we can respond to emergency enquiries swiftly.

Our comprehensive fabrication service is designed to provide a viable repair, guided by the latest reverse engineering technology to determine the required dimensions of worn or damaged parts, and backed by innovative and experienced engineering.